About Mpaatanel

Mpaatanel was started in 2019 by Nelson Mpaata whose experience as a car broker compelled him to grow into importation of cars plus clearing and forwarding.

Yet it started as a car importation firm, Mpaatanel keeps growing into other fields of transportation. Mpaataneel is a certified BeForward Agent with a big team of trusted individuals.

Our CEO say

"When I joined the business of car importation, I figured that there was a challenge of delayed delivery of cars from Mombasa to Kampala. Mpaataneel came to solve that challenge. There are quite many in the trade, and we are tackling one at a tip. Ride with us!"

Nelson Mpaata

Why choose us

Trustworthy & Dependable

We are a trusted brand with an experience of 5+ years. Trust is our currency and we understand how much we lose when we fall short.


We have built a network across the world with various car manufacturers and dealerships. That allows us to offer a wide range of car brands on the plate. Whether you are looking for a reliable family car or a luxury sports vehicle, we have something for you


We don’t hide information from you when you’re dealing with us. We understand all a customer needs to make informed decisions so we are honest with all we know and can go to ensure you get the best service from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes about 60 days to import a car from Japan to Uganda. However, this might be affected if the client has not been able to provide adequate funds to process tax clearance at the Kenyan border.

You are required to at least pay the amount that is sufficient to purchase the car as seen on the BeForward website. Taxes can be cleared in due course as well as other costs.

Prior to deposit, we supply you with a proforma invoice which includes a full vehicle specification including the approximate delivery date. We also guide you through the selection.

After the car has shipped, we provide all relevant documentations such as the tax clearance, Logbook, etc

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